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About Dr. Visconti

Dr. Dion Visconti graduate of Life University, Marietta, GA in March 2000. There I graduated with a doctorate in chiropractic and masters in nutrition. Attended Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, Rider University, Lawrencville, NJ and SUNY Old Westbury where he received his BA in Biology.

Dr. Visconti is currently licensed and certified in multiple techniques. He treats all kinds of spinal and health conditions. Patient ages ranging from birth to the elderly. He provides multiple forms of treatments on all patients (including pregnant women) that require care.

The Doctor's Story

At age 15, I was a high school wrestler. I started to suffer from extreme lower back pain, which caused the inability to stand up straight. One day, my neighbor recommended that I go see his chiropractor. I had no idea what that was. So my mother brought me to the chiropractor, and there he examined me, took x-rays of my neck and back, and found multiple problems with my spine. He then told my mom and I that these are serious conditions and that I should not continue with wrestling. I told him that I was not going to stop wrestling. He recommended that I go through treatment during the season.

During care, I attended one of his health seminars. This is where he explained "The Chiropractic Story" - which tells about subluxation, nerve interference, the body's natural ability to heal itself (a.k.a Inherent Recuperative Powers). This is when I realized that chiropractic was for me.

Being under care for 6 years with chiropractic allowed me to have a successful high school and collegiate wrestling career - being in shape with a positive frame of mind I was able to take control of my spinal conditions and correct them.

Chiropractic is not for everyone. The results are not the same for every patient that goes under care.

Chiropractic are for those whom are looking to change their lives forever.

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